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2023 New Richmond-Somerset Trap Team

2023 New Richmond-Somerset Sporting Clays Team

First ever New Richmond-Somerset Sporting Clays Invitational Results

Backwoods BBQ has delicious food!!

The first ever NR Somerset Sporting Clays Invitational was held Saturday, May 13, 2023, at Game Unlimited. 

It was a 100 - Clay Target Shoot, with 42 participants from schools: New Richmond-Somerset (NRS), Baldwin Christian School (BCS), Hill-Murray (HM), Mahtomedi (M), River Falls (RF), St Croix Central (SCC). Many kids were shooting Sporting Clays for the first time, very impressive first-time score!! You should all be very proud of yourselves. We would like to thank each and every one of our participants and also a big thank you to one of our Athlete's Dad for bringing out his Backwoods BBQ trailer. The food was phenomenal!! Thank you, Roger!!

Awards/Standings as follow; Congratulations!!: 

2023 HOA (Highest Over-All): M. Amberg (Mahtomedi; score 93)

Top 3 Males (had to be figured by Station Draw)

     1st: C. Rogaczewski (RF; score: 92)

     2nd: O. Gadbois (M; score: 92)

     3rd: J. Vanasse (RF; score: 92)

Top 3 Ladies

     1st: O. Kline (M; score: 86)

     2nd: K. Schulze (NRS; score 76)

     3rd: K. Maier (NRS; score 73)

Lewis class awards will be sent out this coming week!! 

The full invitational standings (by score)

93: M Amberg (M)

92: C Rogaczewski (RF)    

92: O Gadbois (M)

92 J Vanasse (RF)

92: S Murphy (M)

91: R McCoy (M)

88: R Belisle (RF)

87: S Cudd (RF)

86: O Kline (M)

85: M Wiegert (HM)

84: B Noak (NRS)

82: W Mendlik (NRS)

82: A Bentley (NRS)

81: I Jansen (NRS)

78: D Buda (NRS)

78: J Weir (BCS)

77: A Reister (M)

76: K Schulze (NRS)

75: G Mork (NRS)

74: W Gooding (BCS)

73: K Maier (NRS)

70: R Gallivan (HM)

70: J Rich (HM)

69: N Hein (SCC)

67: B Underdahl (SCC)

66: D Fewins-Wubben (HM)

64: C Yoder(NRS)

64: B Bruce (NRS)

63: T Lewis (NRS)

61: G Bussiere (SCC)

61: J Keopple (NRS)

60: R Allgood (NRS)

60: L Sampson (HM)

60: S Sampson (HM)

59: C Corcoran (HM)

57: K Torok (HM)

56: S Burke (HM)

53: A Schladweiler (NRS)

51: N Axelson (HM)

50: A Larson (HM)

45: H Woessner (HM)

30: J Mancuso (BCS)






2023 Season

Conference Team Stats: 

Check the scores: Public Results - SSSF Portal (

Week 1 vs River Fall: W

Week 2 vs Osceola: W

Week 3 vs Baldwin-Woodville:  W

Week 4 vs Prescott: W

Week 5 vs Hudson:  L

Week 6: Bye week

Week 7 vs. Amery:

New Richmond-Somerset Trap Team


Please mark your calendars for Monday, June 26, 2023. 

This will be our End of Season Awards Banquet and Party/Fun Shoot!

There will be food, awards, prizes, and Annie Oakley Shoots.

An RSVP form will be coming in the next couple of weeks. Please watch for it. 

*The 11 athletes going to Nationals WILL have practice that evening (4 rounds each)

State and National Championships

Pre-registration for WI SCTP State Trap and SCTP National Trap Championships have been sent in!!

We are sending 27 athletes (Rookie to Collegiate) to State on Saturday, June 24th.

We will be sending 11 athletes to the SCTP National Championships in July this year!!


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